introducing the INDIRA Collection

About Us


Who are we?


C.K. Thomas & Sons is a family business that has been in existence for 3 generations We originally specialized in handmade Indian lace during a time when the craft was under threat from mass manufacturers. By providing distinctly different, high quality product a market was created for Indian lace in Europe and Australia. Most importantly C.K. Thomas & Sons provided artisans a source of income during a time, and in a culture, when this was not readily available. This legacy of revitalization and support for artisans is one we want to continue to build on.

Why do we need C.K. Thomas & Sons?

Our goal is to preserve the finest global craftsmanship.

We will do this by designing pieces that combine ancient craftsmanship and modern design.  We call this "modcient design".  A large portion of profits go directly back to the craftspeople. In doing so we aim to make the craft more lucrative for the local population and drive more individuals to learn the craft and preserve it for future generations.

In the current environment craftsmen in India, Morocco, Malaysia, Thailand etc. are facing steep competition from mass manufacturers.