introducing the INDIRA Collection

The History of C.K. Thomas & Sons

For three generations, our family business has been empowering artisans and preserving crafts - with a specific focus on India.

And it all began with Indian lace.

At the time, Indian lace was under threat from mass manufacturers. Unlike the manufacturers, the artisans are able to create a high quality, distinctly unique, product. With the support of C.K. Thomas & Sons, we were able empower and enable the artisans to continue the craft and create a market for Indian lace in Europe and Australia. 

By preserving this ancient craft, we help to provide artisans a source of income.

This is the legacy we will continue to expand.

We support the artisans and the beauty they create through ancient craftsmanship. This is why we are bringing these products (modern home furnishings) from India to the United States! In early 2017, products will become available as C.K. Thomas & Sons undergoes the official United States launch.

Join us in our journey to empower the artisans, and preserve these traditions for generations to come. By learning and sharing our story - you help build awareness. To continue learning about our mission, join our Artisan Ambassador Program.

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