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Metal Plating: Harmful to the environment and the health of Artisans

Pollution has been a problem surrounding industrial manufacturers for quite some time.

Metal finishing, specifically metal plating, is an area of the industry that has resulted in extensive research in an effort to understand and control the effects of waste on the environment.

While industry standards have made steps toward creating environmentally friendly metal finishing processes in the United States, the majority of these products are made outside of the U.S. and are therefore not held to the regulations.

Metal plating not only results in low quality products, but also results in environmental and health concerns including; cancer, damage to the brain, kidneys, and muscles, lung and kidney failure, and the prevention of oxygen absorption by cells.

Where other companies utilize metal plating - we utilize 100% brass and copper. The process of metal plating involves cheap metal being dipped into a metal solution for a thin outer coating. The waste from this metal solution makes it’s way into the ground, polluting the soil and drinking water of the residents.

At C.K. Thomas & Sons, we are revolutionizing the industry. We use solid brass and copper, eliminating the need for metal plating and therefore, maintaining a healthier living and working environment for the artisans and their families.

While other companies are concerned with saving money - we are concerned with the health and well being of our artisans. 

We create only the highest quality products. With the profits being returned directly to the artisans, C.K. Thomas & Sons works to improve the lives and well being of the artisans that have been handcrafting these products for generations. To receive information on our 2017 product launch, and to support the artisans creating these pieces of art, join our Artisan Ambassador Program.

Learn more about our mission, here.

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