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New Year. New Style.

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New Year. New Style.

Are you looking for that unique piece to bring in the new year? At C.K. Thomas & Sons, we have created a line of products that cannot be found anywhere else. We are revolutionizing the industry with Modcient Design.

Modcient Design: Sophisticated modern designs created through ancient craftsmanship.

From the designers, to the artisans, to you.

We supply our customers with top of the line interior home goods. These products are made with the highest quality materials, with minimal harm to the environment.

Our goal is to increase the knowledge of ancient skills, therefore allowing them to be passed down through generations. These skills create beauty that will be lost without the techniques, and the artisans who have perfected them.

Join us as we bring the beauty of India to the United States.

We have created our Artisan Ambassador Program. Allowing informed consumers the opportunity to gain insight into the lives of our artisans, and how supporting C.K. Thomas & Sons helps artisans grow and succeed. Our Ambassadors receive exclusive looks into our new product lines, as well as a 10% discount on all orders.


Join the Artisan Ambassador Program
Enjoy exclusive product previews, discounts, and artisan updates.
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