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All that Glitters is Gold

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Our new 2017 product line features rich metal tones: the perfect accent to your sophisticated style. As copper and brass tones never go out of style, these timeless pieces will enhance the look and feel of your homes interior.

You’ve seen the Sava ... but perhaps you’re in need of a coffee table? Or a unique accent chair? Or foyer light?

Look no further.

Our new collection has it all. From small pieces, to the perfect focal point of any room. Our designs, brought from the artisans of India to the United States, are one of a kind.

Whether you pair your gold pieces with a timeless living room, a contemporary master bedroom, or as unique cultural accents in your kitchen - our pieces offer the sophistication and uniqueness that your personal style deserves.

As we prepare our launch early this year, get a sneak peak sent directly to your inbox. Joining our Artisan Ambassador Program allows you exclusive looks into our new product line, along with exclusive discounts. Join us today as we bring the beauty of India to the Unites States.


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