introducing the INDIRA Collection

C.K. Thomas & Sons

Preserving the beauty of ancient civilizations by creating Modcient design.

Modcient design combines modern design aesthetics with ancient craftsmanship. The artistic techniques used to adorn ancient temples and palaces are revitalized to create timeless accessories for the home.

At C.K.Thomas & Sons we bring the finest craftsmanship from around the world and tailor it to a modern lifestyle.

The most durable raw materials are integrated with artistic skill passed down for generations.  By utilizing the endangered hand-crafted technique of the Thathara we aim to revitalize the craft of an ancient people resulting in the creation of truly distinct heirloom pieces.

A large percentage of all profits generated by C.K.Thomas & Sons is given back to programs and initiatives that support the craftspeople, their families, their community, and their amazing talent.

Be a part of the change that will allow all of us to preserve this exquisite craftsmanship.