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  • Ancient tradition, Contemporary design

Our goal is to preserve beauty from ancient civilizations by creating Modcient design.

Modcient design combines modern design aesthetics with ancient craftsmanship. This allows you to enjoy accessories for your home that use the same skills and techniques that adorned ancient temples and palaces.

At C.K.Thomas & Sons we are excited to bring the finest craftsmanship from around the world and tailor it to a modern lifestyle.

We use the most durable raw materials and blend them with skills passed down from generation to generation to produce truly distinct heirloom pieces. By utilizing endangered skills that have been passed down for centuries we aim to revitalize these ancient crafts and skills.

A percentage of all profits generated by C.K.Thomas & Sons goes directly back to programs and initiatives that support the craftspeople, their family, their community, and their amazing talent. So, you can not only have unique conversation pieces in your home, but also be a part of the change that will allow all of us to preserve truly exquisite craftsmanship that has been honed over centuries.

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